About us

Welcome to Up Creatives Agency!
We are a full service agency in Shanghai. To us, ‘full service’ means daily BBQ steak roasting, in-house plumbing, shanghai-style all-you-can-eat noodle buffet, and cutting edge artifact wing solutions.

We focus 200% of our energy to deliver the best creative product. 100% is to deliver flawless strategy. The other 100% is for digital accounts.
Call us today on (+86) 15821835428 or send a message to dv@upcreatives.io

How we work ?

We Talk, We Think, We Create, We Deliver
We keep customers aware, interested, and engaged. Combining strategic creativity, a customer-centric approach, and proven tactics, we establish and reinforce customer kinship and optimize commerce practices.
We use a simple, rapid, discovery approach to get under the skin of the business issues. Our aim from the outset is to truly understand the problems we’re solving, reduce the risk associated with a project and rule out group assumptions.
Client communication and understanding is key to a project’s success and this can be only achieved through close collaboration. Clients are treated as members of the team, making decisions with us on a daily basis through every step of the process.
We operate an open culture of innovation through design, technology and process. This allows us to work smarter and take advantage of new developments during the product/service life-cycle.
Our methodologies are shaped by the needs of a project. Whether we’re using Agile, Waterfall or something in-between, we understand a process needs to embrace that we know very little at the outset and as we learn we’ll need to adapt.

Why chose us ?

We specialize in brands people love
Our partnerships with world-leading brands have brought us experience in a wide variety of industries. There are, however, those in which we have staked out a niche and continue to find growing expertise: Food & Drink, Fashion, Beauty, Active Lifestyle.