We strive to provide the best solution for your business, such as using Laravel as an innovative and comprehensive framework that uses the latest PHP features and is impeccably coded and organized. It offers a sophisticated routing system (RESTFul and resources), authentication for connections, validation, paging, database migration, sending emails, caching, sessions, creating powerful SQL and ORM queries, and efficient template engine. All this to say that it is quite complete, integrates a data access layer, an object-oriented syntax, and if you want to do front-end development, the community has adopted VueJS, which is an Angular easier to manage. Laravel is a very good framework when you need to quickly develop applications. And like many things in our services and tools, the choice of this framework is primarily based on the affinities you may have and for your projects. One of these key benefits is the speed with which you can create and develop a basic application, and this can be more useful than you think. Not to mention The learning curve (Laravel being designed to favor Rapid Application Development); the clarity of the code, the Façade principle is there partly for that; our agency established for your projects, companies the ease of maintenance, following the development principles of Laravel, we build different files with different methods. In addition, a framework is simply a set of tools to facilitate the work of the developer allowing him to gain productivity. It constitutes a coherent basis and generally gathers the foundations of a computer software or a web application. In the case of PHP, the frameworks include a set of basic functions found on most PHP applications. This is the case, for example, of the authentication system, error management or the management of rights (administrators, editors, visitors, etc.). Upcreatives offers you a very complete and very powerful framework for your projects. He has the distinction of being more permissive and more flexible than his colleague Symfony. The fact that it is very easy to access with its complete documentation and active community makes Laravel very attractive when choosing a Framework. Once taken in hand, it becomes complicated to get rid of it.